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"Sweet dreams are made of this..."

30 March 1984
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I’m from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, slightly crazy looking for some fun.

My first fandon was Heroes, in which my favorite pair will aways be Sylar/Mohinder, no matter what the writers had done with the characters. I also tend to read stuff in Harry Potter (Ron/Harry or Ron/Draco),Smallville season 1-4 (Clark/Lex), Angel The Series (Angel/Wesley or Angelus/Wesley) , Criminal Minds (Hotch/Reid, Hotch/Morgan) and recently Star Trek, ‘couse the new movie from JJ just kick some major ass (McCoy/Spock or Kirk/McCoy). Sometimes I like to read stuff about RPS too. And I’ve never read a book of the Twilight Series - and NEVER WILL - , but I’m Team Jacob anyway, lol.

Since the fourth season of Supernatural I've been taken by the awesominess of Castiel aka Misha Collins. I'm a mishaminion now and I ~regret nothing~. Me loves Dean/Castiel but I have nothing against wincest or Sam/Cas (is hot too).
I’m a complete spoilerwhore and read everything I can put my hands on about my favorite shows and I hate fandon wank.
Now, I’ll put in some facts to make my point:

I was inocently waching Heroes season 1, whem I saw this:



My perv creative mind could only get to this conlusion:

The slashness was all over the place and the possibilities...

Also, the cast it's adorable:


My slash googles then followed to my other favorite fandon, Harry Potter, in wich my favorite character it's Ron Weasley.

Doesn't he grew up so nicely?
Rupert G.
Rupert G.

My Favorite pairing:
Rupert G.

And with him the sparkles aways fly:
Draco Malfoy 2

And the best for last, SUPERNATURAL, what can I say?

It has a goddammit hot anticrist


A fucking Angel of the Lord



And Dean Winchester!


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